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spring Rolls

All spring rolls are made with lettuce, cucumber, mint leaves, and vermicelli. Served with homemade creamy peanut sauce (2 rolls per order)

SR1. Traditional - $5.50

         Poached pork & shrimp.

SR2. Veggie - $5.50

         Made with the above ingredients, celery, carrot, and avocado. 

SR3. Crispy Tofu - $5.00

         Sliced tofu deep fried to crispy.

SR4. Grilled Pork - $6.00

         Marinated pork grilled over open flame.

SR5. Chicken Avocado - $6.50

         Sliced chicken breast grilled over open flame, wrapped with avocado.

SR6. Crispy Chicken - $6.00

         Sliced chicken breast deep fried to crispy.

SR7. Grilled Beef - $6.50

         Marinated beef grilled over open flame.

SR8. Grilled Shrimp - $6.50

         Marinated shrimp grilled over open flame.

SR9. D's Special - $7.00

         Marinated beef grilled over open flame with poached shrimp.

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