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Rice dishes

Steamed rice served with steamed vegetables, and house sauce. Substitute fried rice for an additional $2.00

C1. Griled Pork / Pork Chops - $11.50

      Marinated pork/pork chops grilled over open flame.

C2. Grilled Chicken $11.50

      Marinated chicken breast grilled over open flame.

C3. Crispy Chicken $11.50

       Marinated chicken breast deep fried to crispy golden brown.

C4. Teriyaki Chicken $12.00

       Marinated chicken breast grilled over open flame, topped with teriyaki sauce and sesame.

C5. Grilled Shrimp $12.00

       Marinated shrimp grilled over open flame.

C6. Korean Style B.B.Q. Beef Short Ribs - $14.50

       Marinated beef short ribs grilled over open flame, basted in our homemade BBQ sauce.

C7. Shaken Beef - $14.50

       Marinated beef tenderloin stirred on high heat in our special brown sauce.

C8. Crispy Conrnish Game Hen - $14.00

       Marinated cornish game hen deep fried to crispy golden brown, basted with our special sauce.

C9. Pan-Seared Salmon $14.95

      Salmon pan-seared with a touch of salt and pepper.

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